Fancy A New Coat?

That’s a coat of paint we are talking.

Well, technically if we were to do a paint job right, we are talking about a few coats, depending on the site conditions.
Some home owners compare their prices with others using the same house format or online without knowing what they are being quoted for.
Let me give you an example, owners of a 3-room house which is currently white but dirty and a 3-room house that is coloured in blues, pinks and cream colours, would like their house to be painted white for the holiday season.

The owner with the white walls received a lower quote as compared to the owner with the coloured walls, do you know why?
Let’s break down a typical paint job.
Walls are first cleaned and scraped down for any protrusions or filled up if there are any dents.
Secondly, a sealer coat is required to go over the old paint job.
Thirdly, will be the undercoat of white (this is similar to bleaching your hair before getting a hair dye)
Fourth and Last, it would be 2 finishing coats of whatever colour you choose.
Only going through this process, do you have a proper paint job to last you the next 5 years.
You have to check exactly what the contractors are quoting you for.
You can counter check with the time they require on site, and the amount of paint purchased.
Have they quoted for the movement of furniture and protection of your furniture?
If you never knew these, there you have it, you are ready to make your selection based on these buyer tips.

The variation in costs come in requests of

  1. Same day finish
  2. Better quality of paint
  3. Furniture that needs moving
  4. Indoor/outdoor paint
  5. Scaffolding is required
  6. Jet washing needed

So if you would like to get quotes from contractors to paint your house, it is best you inform them of your requirements which might include these 6 items, and preferably a site visit before comparing for quotes, you will unlikely get hidden costs appearing later on throughout your renovation work process.
Fancy a New Coat?
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