How To Plan Your Renovation Budget

In our previous article, we wrote about how to choose the group of contractors for your renovation projects namely the main contractor, trade contractor or the labour contractor.

While they carry different price tags, the hiring of these contractors require different skill sets. A great guide line would be, the less you pay, expect to manage the works more in a way or another as there will unlikely be a party who can coordinate them for you. Be prepared to fork out more time and energy in regard to this. Buyers who are not familiar with the renovation market will often question “why does contractor A cost more than contractor B for the same product?”. The answer would be “for how much more they will be going the extra mile to make your experience a better one”

While the average buyer will engage an experienced main contractor who will schedule the works to a seamless experience from design to completion, DIY owners might find themselves with empty days without work and extended renovation periods while hunting for the right prices. There is no right or wrong to it.

Step 1 – Finding exactly what are you looking for

There are trade contractors on facebook constantly promoting their prices and services, if you know what you need, it will be a great avenue to gauge for the exact service you require. They range from tiling of your toilets to building awnings for your carpark, to built-in carpentry works for your kitchen.

If you are looking for an extensive range of works, you can look for renovation contractors who you can consult (an example of a renovation contractor would be Fusen Development, they have 40 years of experience in A&A and Maintenance) Main contractors for renovation are experts in delivery of high quality finished projects and products, they are best suited if you are looking to finish your renovation fast and good.

If you are a hands on DIY home owner, you can also look for the trade contractors and piece the works together. (other sources of pricelists can be found on blogs of media companies)

You can build up a rough gauge of the renovation costs from here.

STEP 2 – Determining the Resources involved


While planning the renovation process, we need to look out for resources required out of the renovation works themselves. Are you looking to have your home deigned by a professional? If the answer is yes, you have to prepare a budget for an interior designer.

(An article written by home and decor can help you illustrate)


Include the interest fees and payment schedule into your renovation budget if you require them. We recommend using companies with tie-up loan systems with legal financial institutions or you may find yourself in legal complications.


Existing home requires a 2 month renovation, you will need to find a place to stay in while the project is underway. While some owners are able to live with it, we have to consider the disruption caused in the form of dust, noise and safety. We highly recommend not staying in a house that is undergoing renovation as it could affect the timeline of the entire works.


Homeowners do not have to opt for built-in furniture all the time, with super economic furniture shops such as IKEA or, furnishing your home will seem less a nightmare. With the convenience of to-your-doorstep deliveries, you get to be in control of the delivery times and furniture selections without the need to step out. Such convenience!
Renovation companies sometimes do not include fittings such as your gas hob and hood, exhaust fans and toilet fittings like shower heads and tower rails. While there are tempting offers some platforms are selling these fittings, we highly recommend you choose local products that fit regulatory requirements and safety standards as some of these fittings do not have the adequate warranty. WE HAVE HAD CUSTOMER REQUESTS TO FIX OVENS THAT HAVE STOPPED WORKING ON THEIR SECOND DAY OF USE, needless to say, we have to politely decline the cases.


If you are a cleanliness freak like some of us, we would like to clean the premises after renovation ourselves. General cleaning offered by contractors cover the basic dust layers and renovation debris but they do not guarantee a “spick and span” property as homeowners would expect.

Do cater a budget for professional cleaners if you have this particular requirement.


To top off the renovation process, you will need to cater a team for moving bulky items if you are unable to do it yourself.

To sum it up, it is not a intimidating process if you plan it properly. If you need help with your renovation, you can call us at 67411122 for a free consultation.


This is a step I recommend homeowners adopt, to prevent disappointment. While the above in step 2 are the common external resources needed, they are not limited to other uncommon factors such as landscape design and maintenance, roofing or soil excavation, etc.

If you have set aside a renovation budget of say 70,000, it is best that you include all the ‘hidden costs’ and extra expenditures that you will incur during the course of the renovation.

From there, you can better plan and allocate your budget for your professionals, your works and your pocket. Once you have worked out the available budget for your renovation, you can then approach your designer with the budget and have a design accordingly or a renovation contractor if you do not require design works.

Additional Tip: Plan for 5-10 years down
Let us know what else we missed out.

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