Ready To Renovate?

You are looking to renovate your home, it is time to get a new shine in that old place, a space of expression and growth. You build a nest for family, harmony and relaxation.

It is an important milestone, so treat it like it should. The process of renovating can be daunting and intimidating, but you will need to push through for that better experience.

The first step to decide if you are ready is why.

Starting a new family
Finding a home you will stay for the rest of your days
Increasing selling value
Increasing the chances of renting out your property
Increasing your rental yield
New environment without moving
Increasing the chances of selling your property

You will then need to organize your downtime, your budget and emotions before you begin sourcing for your service vendor.

Take a block of leave while renovating (if you need to be involved with the logistics), as it might be disruptive and it is tiring moving boxes if you do not like to work out. When selecting designs, you need to keep in mind that your designer is supposed to deliver a ‘tailored fit’. This means, you should not look for an image online and ask for an exact copy, as spaces are tailored to the occupant of the home. Always go for space planning first before deciding on the aesthetics.

Who do you look for?

Google interior design, google renovation contractor, google design and build contractor, scour ‘renovation portals’, ask for recommendations. How do you decide who to engage?

That depends on you.

If you are starting a new family, moving into a permanent location, increasing selling value of your property you will require design work. Do not skimp on designer fees as they are the ones who can come up with design solutions to fit your needs. Good designers will be able to cost your home to your budget. This solution is for people who have very little experience with home projects and are unaware of the demands of the process. Make sure they understand your needs, craft your space to fit, durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics that stand the test of time.

If you are increasing your rental yield, creating a new environment without moving, increasing the chances of renting or selling your property, you are likely to have prior experience with home projects, you can look for a contractor. They should be able to convey your ideas into completion even if you have sketches and diagrams. You will not require complex designs to refurbish, upgrade your space or increase the living conditions for reasonable hire or sale.

Design and build contractors are for the time tight individual who do not have a high requirement on aesthetics and would work within a budget. Most of the time it is for the purpose of furbishing and sale or furbishing and rent.

Either ways, whoever is managing your project,

The contractor needs to suit you, he should be able to manage emotional buying for you and fit solutions in accordance to your requirements on budget.

What do you need

Now that you are armed with the knowledge on who to look for and why you are doing it, you need to know what you are buying.

If you are engaging a designer, you are looking to purchase solutions. If you are looking for a first home for a new family, let them know your life plans so they may include family-friendly details like washable non-toxic paint, round edges on counter tops, tile flooring instead of vinyl for spillage. If you are living with elderly, designer could include grab bars along corridors and toilets. anti slip flooring solutions, wheelchair-friendly doors. If you are living with pets, they can include a living area with an extra water supply in the rooms for convenience, or even a walk-in wardrobe to the fashionista. There are shoe aficionados who have an entire display cabinet in the living room.

Whatever your needs are, you have to convey it, else you might end up with buyers’ remorse.

For designers, you will receive a set of floor plans, inclusive of ceiling, lighting, flooring, plumbing. Elevations or profiles should be clear and concise, providing you a 2D view and to get accuracy on the layouts that include furniture. 3D renderings would give you an impression of the colour, material, layout and their harmony in the space that is tailored to you.

Some designers are your acting project managers, they will ensure the construction will follow specifications to achieve the desired effect. They will also be able to manage payment milestones for you so you will know that you are paying for what you are receiving.

This process should take from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

To ascertain the quality of the designer, notice their attention to detail when you are presenting your requirements and check how they translate it into design. You should be comfortable with them as project managers as they will be the key to delivering of a high quality project.

If you already have a design, or a project that does not require too much specifications like upgrading needs, you will be able to hire a builder straight. It is important as no builder is a designer, they are both DIFFERENT specialties, do not pose design challenges that the builder might not be able to tackle. The builder project manager should be able to handle the project management of different tradesman to piece the construction together. The buildability of the project can also be advised by the builder. You will need to research on the builder and view the projects they have undertaken to ensure their competency. The process can take anytime between 2 weeks to 10 weeks for interiors.
To ascertain the quality of the builder, you should notice their confidence of leading, their experience on the processes and their potential risks (delay and cost) and advise you accordingly. They should be able to understand the technicality and advise you on the time taken as accurately as possible.

Still stuck?

Pro Tip: Find a theme on Pinterest, pick your favourite idea and speak to a consultant.
You can hire a designer and engage a SEPARATE builder whom you find more confidence in. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you paid for it. Remember to protect yourselves (You can find a model contract from CASE) and happy renovating!

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If you still have any questions on the process and you would like advice on how to begin, you can leave your question in the comment section and we will answer them.

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