Who Should I Engage For My Renovation

Not looking for a designer? Stack a bunch of Pinterest images and show them to your contractor. Not sure who is up to the job or stuck on looking for a renovation contractor? Here is a guide to the 3 types of contractors you should be looking for.

Main contractor

This team has enough experience to put a home together, their main expertise is project delivery and coordination. Most of the time, you will be speaking to the project manager who is able to source for Trade Contractors for the right job. The main contractor should be able to control quality, manage your home, manage the workers and maintain safety standards. The main contractor should be able to advise you on the risks on detailing and design and the ‘buildability’, while providing an accurate price. The main contractor may have their own in house trade team, that means your pricing and quality is within more control. Examples of risks will be explained in the Trade Contractor section.

Where to find them: They can be found online with extensive portfolios. Look out for speed and quality in their project references.

Trade contractor

The trade contractors are the specialists on the job. They are usually split into Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitary, Carpentry, Metalworks. They know their trade well, are able to price accurately, and advise on the final effects. They will be able to highlight their work overlap and risks in the planning stage so as you may better manage them. An example would be, a mason would be able to provide a time for the curing of concrete or tile works and you will plan the rest of the works outside the curing time as to prevent defective tiles. Another example would be having an electrician highlight the locations where the sockets need to be moved or relocated with advise on how to conceal wires. ( If you have a strong dislike for plastic trunking running all over the ceilings and walls ) or If a painter has allocated a primer before running an undercoat, else paint may not stick and end up bubbling and peeling off.

Others also include curtains, wallpapers, vinyl floorings and glass works. With technology, it is now easier to connect Trade Contractors with customers.

Where to find them: Facebook Interior Design Groups, Carousell, Facebook Marketplace

Labour contractor

The Labour Contractor is a team of men who are specialized at certain works like bricklaying, tiling, electrical installations, WC installations. They do not purchase equipment, materials or furniture up front for you, however they are experts in their installation work. Should you use these contractors, you can have them view your house and determine the amount of materials needed for your project and you can purchase them from a supplier. We only recommend this if you are a hands-on individual who would not mind spending the extra time to be involved in your project. For example, laying a 4-5mm cement screed on a 700sqft area could involve up to 40 bags of cement with different types (pointing, screeding etc). Paints of a wall internal or external ( oil or acrylic-based), Piping for water and discharge ( copper, stainless steel or pvc ), and the most common – light fittings. Hiring these contractors will save you quite a fair sum of money, however your hands-on requirement is higher.

Where to find them: Ask your local hardware shops, Ask your friends if they have recommendations, Manpower agents.
Ultimately, whichever group of men you choose, do so at your convenience and the amount of hands-on capability you have at that point of time. If you need advice on engaging a renovation contractor for your home, do leave us a message.

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