Making Your Retail Spaces Work

Customer experience is the key.
How your retail space stands out in its surroundings, to the design of how customers are led on a journey inside your shop and to each individual product display.
The winning formula is the Journey.
From a Commercial Renovation Contractor


The long decorative wall of lululemon is not a “waste of space”. Brands use this wall strategically to create a strong presence along the walkway of the mall and draw customers that are browsing or window shopping into their outlets.
The material used is important as it reflects on the quality of goods that the store carries and signage should be comfortable to read at eye-level and its size should be comfortable to read at mid-range.

Where to find them: Longitudinal shop units inside malls with long corridors

Product Display

Treat each product as a Revenue Generating Asset
The display itself should be complimenting to the product. Displays come in laser cut acrylic with lighting and make products look attractive and have a quality.
The customer’s vision is narrowed down to the product and its immediate vicinities when browsing so the product shelves and stands, should be made of good quality materials and finishing.
Just imagine going for a photoshoot with no background decor – that will make an awkward shoot!

Others also include Signages, Brand image displays, Signature materials (Imagine Charles and Keith with their marble finishes)

Some Visual Merchandizing Tips

Where to find them: Any retail store or booth


We take a look at the black arrow drawn here, clearly annotating a journey from start to finish.
Customers usually take the longest route away from the cashier counter into the store and finish with a purchase.
In the picture above, the display shelves have been artistically created to reinforce the product’s image.
At the beginning of the journey, which is furthest away from the cashier, the total product offerings are shown. After which, a dynamic digital display is shown for the products, then the packaged products and step by step usage infographic is shown.
Finally, the cashier counter is where questions are brought up and purchases are made.
The 9-TV setup has a larger viewing distance, clearly attractive for the mall shoppers at a distance away.
This is a efficient booth design with strong brand presence.

Where to find them: mega malls with cosmetic booths


How did these images make you feel?
Does it encourage customer engagement and spending?
Is designing your shop to its optimal use worth it?
Signing a lease is a long-term decision and having a space that sells your product for you is just as important as your website or your curated social media posts. Tap on the strength of your store location and optimize its use. After all, if you look at your store rental as “advertising costs” how much more willing are you to do it up the best you can for your shop unit.

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