How much does HDB interior design in Singapore cost?

Many people assume they won’t be able to afford the cost of HDB interior design in Singapore. So they take the DIY route and end up disappointed with the result. They miss out on the expertise, creativity, space analysis, and access to material interior designers like Contract Builders have.

Ultimately, the DIY project can be more expensive, as homeowners have to keep making major changes in the long run. Let’s look at the average fee structure for interior design so you can make an informed decision on the budget.

The Cost of HDB interior design in Singapore

On average, a 3-room BTO design job costs $25,000 low range and $50,000 high range. 4-room BTO starts at $30,000 and ends at $60,000. You can expect over $65,000 for big projects for 5-room BTOs.

If you’re planning on changing the design of an HDB for resale, the fee begins at S$30,000 for a 3-room one since the work is more renovation geared.

These designers also have huge connections in the industry. They can lower the retail price of high-end products for you. The options designers can provide you are way wider than the materials you will have access to if you set out to procure them yourself.

You don’t have to employ firms to design the entire flat either. Some have packages where they only focus on the bathroom and the bedroom or bedroom and the kitchen. These packages can merely cost $15 000.

Factors that affect the cost of HDB interior design in Singapore

The price of HDB interior design in Singapore is affected by various factors beyond that of 3-room or 4-room HDB.

  • Some firms charge on an hourly basis. They charge you for the time spent on your apartment from the planning stage. Others consider the surface area of your flat to decide the cost.
  • Surprisingly, Scandinavian and minimalist design styles cost more. This is because pipes, wires, etc. have to be concealed.
  • Is the HDB in an old or new building? Upgrading an apartment in an old building is challenging, which raises the total cost.

Final Thoughts

Daunting, we know. It’s why you should set a budget beforehand with any interior designer you set an appointment with. Based on your budget, they will draw up a plan that will suit your aesthetic preferences and won’t empty your pocket.

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