Tips For Choosing An Ideal Interior Design Firm

One of the toughest decisions to make when trying to take on a house-remodeling project is deciding which interior design firm to choose. No matter how confident you are about your skills, a little bit of professional help is always suggested. However, there is a very fine line between a good interior design firm and […]

Elements of A Modern Lux Interior Design

Everyone dreams of owning a space that eludes modern luxury. However, in order to own such a space, you need to be careful about the elements that you include in your house. A modern lux interior design incorporates clean and crisp lines and emphasizes minimalism. It is all about focusing on furniture, designs, and elements […]

How To Master Revamping Your House In A Contemporary Design

Gone are the days when people aspired to have traditional design elements in their houses. A modern, contemporary interior design that celebrates the present and the future gets people excited, and rightly so. If you have embarked on a journey to revamp and remodel your house into the house of your dreams, we have some […]

How much does HDB interior design in Singapore cost?

Many people assume they won’t be able to afford the cost of HDB interior design in Singapore. So they take the DIY route and end up disappointed with the result. They miss out on the expertise, creativity, space analysis, and access to material interior designers like Contract Builders have. Ultimately, the DIY project can be […]

5 Benefits of minimalist interior design in Singapore HDB

Remember how invested the world became in minimalist interior design at one point? You couldn’t scroll your YouTube feed without someone sharing how they’ve thrown everything out of the house. Minimalist design is more than a clean house, though. There are clear benefits to minimalism. It’s why, while the worldwide fever has died down, minimalism […]