How To Plan Your Renovation Budget

In our previous article, we wrote about how to choose the group of contractors for your renovation projects namely the main contractor, trade contractor or the labour contractor. While they carry different price tags, the hiring of these contractors require different skill sets. A great guide line would be, the less you pay, expect to manage the […]

Building A Pet Boarding Facility

At a design stage, we address the challenges faced for this nature of business. Businesses like these need fast and reliable solutions that are durable, easy to carry out, easily taught to newcomers and maintaining safety of it’s residents and customers. We look at the operational and service design of the business, where the owner […]

Business Advice for F&B Owners

Funding secured, return on investment calculated, business hours set, location confirmed, re-stocking schedule tendered. What’s next? Building the entire operation. Planning Having spoken to you enterprising first time business owners, I noticed a pattern, similarly expressed with the inexperienced. They like to micro-manage the construction process. First thing on their mind, cut the cost. While […]